The need for a Timetable aka Routine

The Pandemic that goes by the name of Covid-19 has forced kids across the globe to be stuck at home for the longest time ever. For us it was no different, like is goes for most working moms me and my 7-year-old, are now spending all our time around each other.

Schools are shut and so are most of the offices. Remote learning and remote working are becoming the new norm and believe it or not it is here to stay!

Eight, months have passed doing nothing and yet doing so much…. I realize that kids have suffered the most with no proper routine and schedules. After a lot of conversations with colleagues, teachers and parents just like me and you. I have put together a simple schedule that might work for most of you out there.

~~ All Time management begins with planning ~~


Feel free download the timetable (Click here) pin it up at your child’s desk, top of your refrigerator on your white board and get rolling!

1.  No one size fits all, walk it though with your child. For 7- to 11-year-olds, giving choices and control helps promote adherence and satisfaction

2. This age group is also more attracted to technology. Though it’s a strong distraction let’s not go overboard on NO TV and Gadgets

3. Remember these are difficult times and with a little bit effort we can make a big dent. 2021 is coming in with a lot of hope.

4. With the upcoming holiday season flex the morning’s (Academic Time) to a delayed wake-up. With some focus on holiday homework, creative writing and vocabulary building game and hopefully we would be sorted 😊

5. Put aside some important US time at least once a week, more to come on that…( on the next blog)!!

        Hope it helps all you wonder moms and the kids to make the most of out of their time!!